September 05, 2009

discover japan

i went to the openig party of EUREKA last night.
but, the dj play of jazzin' park disgusted me, so i came to home hastily.
i wanted to listen to dj play of 入山サン than other dj...

by the way, do you know "discover japan" ?

it is a new magazine to discover new understanding of japan.
the first issue of feature article is "The secret of Kyoto" and "Nippon Journey by hidetoshi nakata".

i think that the reason of realization of this magazine is ignorance of japanese to japan.
do you answer the attraction of japan, tokyo or kyoto ?
i am ashamed to say that...
that's why?

i think that the reason of this phenomenon is some japanese don't know the good and bad point of foreign country.
so, many japanese can't understand good and bad point of japan.
and, we did not visit many places of japana.
therefore, this magazine may helps us to understand our mother country.
please, check it.

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