June 14, 2009

who is the blind man?

"The blind pianist" ,Nobuyuki Tsujii won a top prize of Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.
He was the youngest pianist in the competition, as well as its first winners from any Asia nation.
I'm afraid that I can't understand the value of this news.
But, I have a feeling that something wrong with this news.
Because, most of mass media only reported the face of the value.
They did nothing but have a fixation about program rating,so they can't report the truth of the news.
It's they,not he,must be called the blindness, isn't it?

By he way, I think that music is not listening things but seeing things.
If you close your eyes and open your mind's eye, you will find the world of depth of music.

I've got a feeling from "Suite for ma dukes" by carlos nino.

I feel the beauty of soundscape of this EP tribute for J.Dilla is restructured by orchestra style.
Check it.

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