June 01, 2009

Stay hungry. Stay Foolish. Stay esquire.

I bought Esquire (Japan edition) last issue.
This is a little old topic but it's important for me.
Because, I learned about many things from this magazine.
For example, literature,music,art,fashion,cinema,design,food,architecture and so on.
What is called about cultures.

What is "culture" for you?
What means "culture" for you?
I think "culture" is my blood and bones.
So, "culture" is necessary for my life.
In other words, "culture" is equal to "lifestyle" for each ones.

"Stay hugry. Stay foolish."
This is very very famous words of Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005.

We shouldn't forget this words and Esquire.
The day when esquire revives must come some time.
Stay esquire in our mind.

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