June 07, 2009

A Baoa Que

Do you konw A Baoa Que?
This is "new type" Gundam bar.
I went to this bar with my colleague last Friday (Hana-Kin).

When we enter this bar, bar manager say "Geek Gion!" instead of "Good evening" to us.
There are a lot of figures,books,DVD, and enthusiasm to Gundam, though the store is very small.
If you interested in this bar, i want you to experience by all means.
The door is open to "new type".

GUNDAMBAR  ア・バオア・クー
4-10-16 Imaike, Chikusa-ku,Nagoya city,Aichi pref.
TEL 052-733-6797
Open 18:00〜26:00

The closest station is Imaike station (#5 gate).

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