March 18, 2009


Esquire Japanでもヨーロッパで彼のマルクスの「資本論」が再評価され、一部で流行していると紹介されていましたが、人間の本質が今も昔も変わらない様に、経済の本質も本質的には変わらないためその様な現象も経済が不安定な現代だからこそ頷けます。

Everyone knows "Adam Smith" whoever have touched on economics.
This book sums up the essence of two writing "Morality feelings theory" and "The Wealth of Nations" that he wrote through life together.
Such a phenomenon can also nod to Esquire Japan because of the present age when economy is unstable though it was introduced when his Marx's "Das Kapital" is revalued in Europe, and it becomes popular partially because economic essence doesn't change essentially as the nature of humankind doesn't change in now and old times either.
You might approach starting points more than originals by reading such a summary because it doesn't think the essence to be understood so much (Not understood well though I am graduated from Department of Economics) even if it knows the name such as "God's invisible hand".

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