July 18, 2009

one day

After all, I will go to the dentist next week because I had not reserved it, though I went to the dentist that the acquaintance is working after an interval of ten years because I had a little toothache.
It reflects the lack of common sense even if I lives for four half a century.

Then, I went to the Maurice kitchen because I became hungry though it had a pain in teeth.
When I finished lunching as delicious as usual, I came across Tanaka-san by chance, and after all, I had been speaking for about four hours with Tanaka-san and Moriken-san.
I spent interesting time to hear various stories from the subculture to idle gossip though it spoke for the first time with Moriken-san.
I want to win by the pushup to pay back one's debt though Tanaka-san has treated lunch to me.

When I made an appearence to Otsuki-san's salon, DJ Motive and Yokochin-san had gathered.
DJ Motive seemed to release the new disc "The world of dalala" next month, and Otsuki-san explained to me "The new disc is like a image music composed of the outlook on the world of the novel".

PV of DJ Motive whom other signal members produced seems to be streamed also in Tanaka-san's shop "blanche".

I thought it is a new connection that signal produced the stickers of Tanaka-san's company and Yokoyama-san.

Abe-kun worked hard as usual while talked blue jokes at eat where I dropped in, after having bought hair wax at Bis.

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