July 05, 2009

The Nu Order Magazine

THE NEW ORDER Magazine Issue2

英語圏の若者を中心に圧倒的な支持を得るウェブサイト「SLAMXHYPE」の設立者、Adam Bryce,James Oliverのディレクションによる「THE NEW ORDER MAGAZINE」。

The New Order is a genuinely international look at street culture. Fashion, Art, Film and more. A quarterly publication created by some of the most talented writers, editors and photographers around the world and sold in all corners of the globe. A magazine targeting influencers and aimed at those who make and breathe tomorrow’s trends.

The second issue of The New Order is a special edition featuring 2 covers, not just any 2 covers, but each has been created by the 2 most important figures in Pop Art today. Kaws and Murakami head up our second issue, as a way of empressing upon our readers, not only the importance of Pop Art today, but the numerous forms and mediums in which it takes, and in turn the numrous ways the term ‘Pop’ is used. Pop Culture comes in many forms, and by many people it is perecieved in different ways and means entirely different things. It comes down to the way Pop is portrayed in your everyday life.


blue herbもCMに起用される時代、悪くないと思います。

The Author

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