November 19, 2011


遅ればせながらGroove秋号を読みました。僕もレーベルでフィルタリングして買う事が多いので参考になる記事が多かったです。紹介されていたレーベルではStones Throw, Brainfeeder, Jazzy Sport, Cru-L, Warp, Brownswood 関係の作品は実際よく買っていますし。近年の傾向として、やはりLAのレーベルが面白いので、来年あたり現地のイベントに行ってみたいと思います。




i checked groove magazine autumn issue better late than ever. that article are worth having a look at, because i sometimes buy cd's refer to "label". actually i often bought cd and record of some labels that was introduced by groove magazine. for example, Stones Throw, Brainfeeder, Jazzy Sport, Cru-L, Warp, Brownswood. and i think LA label makes nu movement in recent years, so i want to their event at LA next year.

i want to do "labelistic" things. it's like not "internet" but "internetic".

anyway, it seems cool that the party of wax poetics japan 3rd anniversary. i would go if i will be free. but, it may be impossible...

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